Áreas de práctica:                 
  • Derecho Procesal y Tribunales en todas sus jurisdicciones
  • Derecho Laboral
  • Derecho Penal de Empresa
  • Derecho Mercantil general
  • Derecho Societario y Concursal
  • Derecho Civil
  • Derecho de Familia y Sucesiones
  • English

Mr Paraja is a lawyer who specialises in Procedural Law.

His career as a lawyer commenced in Gijón, in the office of the local lawyer, Guillermo Rodriguez Quirós, (1973-1974), from where he joined the law firm "Uría and Menéndez" (1974-1976). He later joined the Law Firm of Daniel Alvarez Pastor (1976-1979), and then became the Manager of Legal Consultancy for FEVE in Madrid (1977-1986). From 1980 to 2002 he was a partner of the law firm, Pérez de la Cruz.

Professor in the Master Course on the Management of Wine Production Companies at the business school, "ALITER".