• Alfredo Briganty Arencibia socio Qvadrigas Abogados

Áreas de práctica:                
    • Derecho Mercantil y Societario
    • Derecho de Distribución
    • Derecho de Competencia
    • Competencia Desleal
    • Derecho de Asociaciones
    • Fusiones y Adquisiciones
Sectores de actuación:
    • Distribución general
    • Automoción



    • English

Mr Briganty is a lawyer who specialises in Trade Law with wide-ranging experience in corporate legal consultancy. He has been the Secretary of the Board of Directors of several prestigious companies.

He is a well-known figure in the automotive sector thanks to his commitment to more balanced distribution laws and free competition. He has been advising many Dealership Associations and their members for over 10 years.

Mr Briganty regularly attends International Conferences and Forums to defend the interests of Spanish distributors and of their respective professional associations.

He is a member, as the Spanish representative, of "European Distribution Lawyers" (E.D.L.), a network of European law firms and jurists specialised in distribution and competition law.

He has worked as a professor at the Law School of Alcalá de Henares University and at the Antonio Nebrija University in Madrid. Mr Briganty has participated, as a speaker, at the Centre for Legal Studies of the Ministry of Justice on issues connected with Corporate Law.

He regularly co-operates with law magazines, contributing doctrinal articles of legal significance.